5-Day, 500 KM Guarantee

All Dilawri Select vehicles are backed by Dilawri Group of Companies. Our simple and straightforward return policy guarantees that you'll be satisfied with your purchase. 

No surprise fees. No hidden administration costs. Just a few conditions and exclusions that when met, 
ensure you receive a cheque for the full refund value within five business days of the date of return.

  You must return the vehicle to Dilawri Select within five days of delivery. 

  There must be no more than 500 kilometres placed on the vehicle from the total kilometres recorded on Bill of Sale

  The condition of the vehicle - and the equipment included in the Sale - must match exactly its original state, at time of delivery. 

  The condition of all body components, parts, accessories must not have any scratches, dings or damage that did not exist at the time of original delivery.

Virtually all vehicles qualify for our 5-Day - 500 Km Guarantee. There are, however, a few exclusions:

Specialty/sports cars 

• Vehicles with negative equity deals being financed 

• Vehicles above Prime finance agreements 

Invest with confidence with Dilawri Select
Here's how we protect your purchase

If your purchase process involved a trade-in of your existing vehicle you will be refunded the value recorded on the Bill of Sale. We cannot, however, guarantee your original trade-in will be available after the 5 day refund window as another Dilawri Select customer may have purchased it. If your trade-in remains in current inventory, the vehicle will be returned to you. All expenses associated with certification and re-licensing are solely responsibility of you, the original owner.