The New Way to Buy Used

Dilwari Select knows what you want - a great used car at a great price. We also know what you don't want, that's why we focus on simple, straightforward pricing and service designed to get you on the road. 

Dilawri Select operates on a full transparency pricing model. What does this mean? It means the price you see displayed on each vehicle is the price you pay. There's no haggling, no hidden fees, no "sharpening of pencils".


Our sales environment is different too. Our experienced Pre-Owned Sales Consultants are not associated with any specific manufacturer or model. What's more, they conduct business in a completely non-commission environment. The final price you pay has no effect on their compensation.

sole objective is to provide insightful information on each vehicle, answer your questions and deliver the vehicle of your choice.  Simple as that.

There's a new way to buy used. Visit Dilawri Direct today to experience the difference for yourself.